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The purpose of the Cape Lookout Mobile Sportfishermen organization is to enhance people’s lives by ensuring continual access to the Cape Lookout National Seashore.


We have been given the privilege of enjoying a beautiful place that is special to so many. We strive to be good stewards, spending time and resources on beach cleanups, conservation projects, lobbying for continual vehicle access, family friendly fishing tournaments, and community service outreach events.


We invite you to join Cape Lookout Mobile Sportfishermen.

We now have a new and easier to use message board.  Please post items for sale, fishing reports, and all things Portsmouth Island & CLMS.  The board can be a great way to  stay in touch, plan events, and provide useful information.  Post often to get it started!

We also have an active Facebook group.  Please check it out for the latest information.

New info from Chief Ranger Jaworski, you need to know this if you plan on keeping fish that you catch. 


Multi-day fishing trips...bag limit rules.

From Jaworski, Jill R <>

To: Lance Brown, Art Noyes

Tue, Sep 7 at 3:16 PM


As fall fishing approaches, I want to get all the clubs on the same page as law enforcement for how we will deal with bag limits on multi-day visitors.

Earlier in the year, I met with NC Wildlife & NC Marine Patrol to discuss this issue & make sure that we could all agree on a set of rules to be consistent in our enforcement.

This is what was agreed upon:

For any fish that are caught & filleted, but not eaten at the time of catching:  the full carcasses must be kept, preferably, in a cooler until the fish are eaten.  This allows law enforcement to identify the species & to measure the size upon contact.  Once eaten, those carcasses may be discarded.

The fillets must be stored in a manner that the species of fish & the date caught are written upon the package & can be matched to the carcass.  

The fillets from any previous days must be stored in an area not accessible to the fisherman/woman on the next day of fishing.  For example, in a camper or in a cooler that is stored inside a truck or vehicle.  They can't be stored in a cooler on the exterior of a vehicle, if you are actively fishing.

The following paragraph is not for those that fish on Portsmouth Island.

For the DIFF Club Fall Fishing Tournament:

As discussed this spring & agreed upon with law enforcement, you may use a daily color-coded zip tie to tag a fish that will not be filleted until after weigh in.  That fish must be called into the Tournament Director & logged so that law enforcement can match the length & colored zip tie to what was called in.  That is the only exception to the daily bag limit, is limited to the tournament duration only, & is only for registered participants in the tournament.

Jill Jaworski 

Chief Ranger

Cape Lookout National Seashore 

131 Charles Street, Harkers Island, NC 28531

Office 252-898-8900| Fax 252-728-2160 








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