The purpose of the Cape Lookout Mobile Sportfishermen organization is to enhance people’s lives by ensuring continual access to the Cape Lookout National Seashore.


We have been given the privilege of enjoying a beautiful place that is special to so many. We strive to be good stewards, spending time and resources on beach cleanups, conservation projects, lobbying for continual vehicle access, family friendly fishing tournaments, and community service outreach events.


We invite you to join Cape Lookout Mobile Sportfishermen.

We now have a new and easier to use message board.  Please post items for sale, fishing reports, and all things Portsmouth Island & CLMS.  The board can be a great way to  stay in touch, plan events, and provide useful information.  Post often to get it started!

We also have an active Facebook group.  Please check it out for the latest information.

Important news for CLMS members:


The Board of Directors has decided to cancel the beach cleanup for this weekend. After contact with Mack Best where he stated that he cannot guarantee that the ramp will not be ready to take people over as scheduled. This is most regretful. At this time we have not decided what will happen to the cleanup.

Stay tuned here for updates as they happen.

We are trying to get some Board members together to try and figure this out.

We are planning on having the yearly raffle this weekend.

Please pass this info on to folks you know that are planning on going.

Note to members from Art Noyes:

As Treasurer of the Cape Lookout Mobile Sportfishermen I am announcing the formation of a new bank account. This new account is the result of generous donations from two of our senior members who wish to remain anonymous. They have stipulated that their donations be kept separate from our regular business account and only be used to promote ORV access issues and for members benefits, not to benefit Cape Lookout National Seashore. They also have issued a challenge to other members to join them in this cause.

Donations can be made by enclosing them with your dues or sending a check to;

CLMS Access Fund, PO Box 222, Atlantic, NC 28511.

Be sure to note donation to Access Fund.



Community Outreach:

The club recently voted to send a donation to the Friends of Portsmouth Island to be used for improvements in the village. We received the following message.

“Thank you for your recent donation to the Friends of Portsmouth Island. Members like you keep our organization going and our spirits high. We will use this donation for the George Dixon roof project and the Babb House as a part of the continued restoration of Portsmouth village, which continues to undergo repairs from Hurricane Dorian. We are working hard with the Park Service on various buildings and your donation will certainly help.”




Annual Meeting and election news.

It was great seeing so many of our members at the meeting. The number of members attending their first annual meeting was very heartening and we hope they continue to be active in club activities. If we are to continue as a club and keep active in keeping ORV Access open in Cape Lookout National Seashore we will need more members to step up and take part in our projects. Several committee chairman spoke briefly of what is planned for this year and the need for volunteers. If you can spare some time and wish to take part please contact any committee chairman or Board member to have your questions answered. Contact info is on rear of newsletter.

Head Park Ranger Jaworski gave a talk on law enforcement issues for the upcoming season. There will be several changes in the storing your catch when multiple days of fishing will occur. These changes will be put in future newsletters, on the club web page and the Facebook group page.

Park Superintendent Jeff West gave an overview of news for the coming season and informed members of issues facing him and his staff on keeping the Park running. The biggest problem seems to be funding that is not forthcoming from Washington. He gave a report on the plans for replacing the damaged cabins with a new type of cabin and a better protected area further up the beach. He stated that there is a couple of styles of cabins being looked at and they will be spartan compared to the old cabins. There will be no water in each unit and there will be a central bathroom and wash room area. There will be “dog houses” for each unit for those that bring generators, each unit will be wired for lights and power receptacles.

He stated that ferry service will remain the same for this season.


Annual election report:

The outcome of the annual election is as follows: President, Eric Kimball; Executive Vice President, Jay Griffon; First Vice President, Shane Kalista; Secretary, Lori Jones; Treasurer, Art Noyes. The three Board member spots that were open were filled by; Ricky Hall, Alan Willard and Chad Barnes. We wish them good luck for a successful year and thanks for stepping up to the job. We ask that all members take part in club activities and support the club by joining a committee. Find Committee Chairman on newsletter and on web site or ask any Officer or Board member, we are always needing help at club activities.


Fund Raisers:

There was several fund raisers during the meeting that helped pay for the meeting and the meal. Jay Griffin and Shane Kalista ran the Blue Ox raffle and had many great prizes. There was a silent auction with nice prizes made and donated by members. Georgia also had a door prize drawing free for those that attended. Many thanks to all those members that worked on the different raffles.

It was great seeing so many of our members turn out for the meeting especially with the forecast for bad weather. There was a great turnout of those new members that attended for the first time, we hope you enjoyed the event.

Fallon and Matt Jones brought the tickets for the main yearly fund raiser to pass out to those attending to save the postage. The remaining ticket books will be mailed out. If you do not use your tickets please return them so they can go to others. The prizes are listed on the ticket books.


Club Store:

Julianne DeMay and her helpers set up the club store and a brisk business was done selling hats, T shirts, hoodies, sportsman’s shirts and other club items. She is open to ideas from the members. A newly designed hat is coming out, reel bags are being designed and club flags will be coming soon. The club store can be accessed on the web site,



Help Wanted:

Committee members wanted for the following activities. The club has several standing committees that are in need of new committee members. These jobs are not very time consuming and some only meet once or twice a year for one or two days at a time.



Want to save some $$$$? Get your ORV permit before the Park opens in March and save $25.00, after that date the permits will go to $50.00.


Important Dates for 2022.

Annual meeting and elections;        January 15th, 2022, 

Beach cleanup;                                  Cancelled

Spring tournament;                          May 13, 14 and 15, 2022, on Portsmouth Island     

TAK Fishing, Howell;                          June 3, 4 and 5, 2022, on South Core Banks

TAK Fishing Oxford;                           August 5, 6 and 7, 2022, on South Core Banks

Fall tournament;                                October 7, 8 and 9, 2022, on Portsmouth Island

TAVet Fishing,                                                Nov 11, 12 and 13, 2022, on South Core Banks

Don’t forget to call for ferry reservations.




New Info to be used if needed.

If you are on the Island and witness something dangerous or illegal and want to report the problem to a Park official you can use the following methods. You can go to web site


then scroll down to “submit a tip” and describe your problem, they will forward your tip to the closest ranger. This is not for medical emergencies, for those still call 911.  If you do not have access to the web you can call 1 888 653-0009.









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