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The purpose of the Cape Lookout Mobile Sportfishermen organization is to enhance people’s lives by ensuring continual access to the Cape Lookout National Seashore.


We have been given the privilege of enjoying a beautiful place that is special to so many. We strive to be good stewards, spending time and resources on beach cleanups, conservation projects, lobbying for continual vehicle access, family friendly fishing tournaments, and community service outreach events.  We invite you to join Cape Lookout Mobile Sportfishermen.

We have an active Facebook group.  Please check it out for the latest club information, island discussions, and park service news..

Info to be used if needed.

If you are on the Island and witness something dangerous or illegal and want to report the problem to a Park official you can use the following methods. You can go to web site


then scroll down to “submit a tip” and describe your problem, they will forward your tip to the closest ranger. This is not for medical emergencies, for those still call 911.  If you do not have access to the web you can call 1 888 653-0009.

*NEW*  We are proud to announce the establishment of the CLMS Melton Memorial Scholarship.  The scholarship is now available to members.  To access the application and information, please click the scholarship button on the forms page.

Update from the 2023 Take-A-Vet :

This year’s Take-A-Veteran Fishing Weekend was held this past weekend, November 10, 11 and 12, 2023 at the Great Island Cabins on South Core Banks.

Ten veterans arrived on the afternoon ferry Friday. We hauled them and their gear to the cabins and let them get set up. Then off to the beach to try their luck fishing. The day was a bit cloudy with a pretty good breeze but they were ready and proceeded to catch a few fish. One of them was a sea mullet master and caught a good bunch for home. One of the vets, also a club member, Nick Allen, caught a near citation red drum. There was also the usual skates. President Eric Kimball fought about a 5 to 6 foot shark that was released slightly tired. After all that fresh air supper was really appreciated. Our cooks did up nice pork roasts, mac & cheese and green bean casserole. There was all the desserts anyone could want and I believe the favorite was Georgia’s special cookies, along with a nice banana bread. Time for swapping fishing tales after dinner. Saturday started early with breakfast of eggs, bacon, grits coffee and juice. The group decided to fish the south end and really hit it just right. The day was cloudy, spitting rain and breezy. After a slow start, a good old fashioned blue fish blitz broke out and the game was on. Bait was not needed as the blues wanted flashy stuff moving fast. There was so many blues pushing the smaller fish right out of the water around people’s feet, mostly spots with some croakers and sea mullets thrown in. Eric threw a cast net and brought in a full load just because he could. There was a beach lunch of burgers and dogs and snacks. After all that excitement it was time to warm up and dry off. Supper was prepared by our members and we served up plenty of salad and rolls along with Scott Wilson’s famous jambalaya. More desserts filled up everyone. After the dinner we had a lively BS session with a lot of laughs. The veterans presented a very nice plaque as a memento of the trip. One of our club members, Herb Ellington, had made a beautiful decorative rod that was given to a vet by a drawing .There was a hurried breakfast due to ferry schedules, we served up eggs, sausage, biscuits, coffee and juice. We hope that the vets enjoyed their time here as much as we enjoyed being with them, they were a great group. Looking forward to the next time.

The members that made this a success were; Scott and Peggy Wilson, Eric Kimball, Georgia Nixon, Kevin Springs, Christie McLawhorn, Waldo Anderson, Danny Shaw, Nick Allen and Art Noyes. Thanks to all our members, your dues, donations, time and energy make these projects possible. I suggest you take part in our club activities. It’s the right thing to do.          








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